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We tried Google Assistant for iPhone outside the United States

Today, Google released a new app for iPhone: Assistant. It wants to take Siri´s place, although not completely because of Apple´s iOS restrictions.

Assistant is available in the US App Store for free and works only in English. The main screen takes you directly to your “Google Assistant,” that can “help you find what you need and get things done.”

Tap the mic icon and after granting access to your phone´s microphone, ask “What can you do.”

Google Assistant

Assistant will display some things it can do, from making calls, give you directions, and set reminders, to play music on YouTube or Apple Music. (By Apple Music, Assistant means your iPhone´s default music player, not Apple´s subscription service.)

Assistant comes with two type of games; Audio games include Lucky Trivia, where Assistant becomes your host – with an opening a closing theme and an audience – and asks you general knowledge questions. In Mad Libs, you need to say 15 words, including nouns and adjectives.

In the “Chat game” section, Assistant creates emoji puzzles to quiz your movie knowledge or asks you random emoji questions (which emoji is predominant?)

Google Assistant app on iPhone

Most things Assistant can do are inside the app, like setting a reminder or look for a flight. You can get the weather forecast, convert any currency, or even create a shopping list that will be available both on the app and Google´s shopping list website.

You can also say “Navigate to work, ” and Assistant will take you to the Google Maps app and give you directions, or look for videos on the YouTube app by saying “Look for Linkin Park videos.”

Google Assistant shows all the things you have asked in the form of a conversation thread. It is very easy to go back and look for a particular answer. I am impressed with all the things Assistant can do, although it´s a shame that it can´t open apps or send WhatsApp messages like Siri.

In case you don´t have an Apple ID from the US, here´s how to get one without a debit or credit card from said country.

What do you think about Google Assistant for iPhone?

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