Elias Pelcastre

What I like and don`t about the Galaxy S8 after a month of using it

I´ve been using the Galaxy S8 for over a month, so I decided to tell you what I like and don´t about Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.



  1. Videos. With “Videos” I mean that YouTube-aside, not a lot of apps support screen-wide videos, so you end up watching a squared-box clip… Not nice.
  2. Phone’s back finish. The back of the Galaxy S8 gets pretty dirty, so have a cloth ready to now and then clean your phone.
  3. Electricity plug. The Galaxy S8 comes with a bigger power plug, meaning you will need to carry the adaptor everywhere you go, in case you need to charge your phone with a regular Android cable.
  4. Speaker. I´m used to making calls using the speaker. It´s not as tiring as holding the phone to your ear for the whole call. (When taking a call, it is better to hold the phone to your ear.) The S8 comes with a weak-ass speaker, not only for making calls but for listening to music or watching videos.
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