Elias Pelcastre

My thoughts on Mexico City´s “eco-friendly” bikes

I´ve been using the “Ecobici”, or eco-friendly bikes (not all bikes are eco-friendly) and wanted to share my impressions of the service.

On my first week of using the Mexico City’s bikes, I’ve had several issues. Few days into using it, I was returning a bike when the light that indicates you can take a bike started switching between green and red.

I then used my card on the bike station computer to return it, and it said I had a bicycle “on use”. I had to call the helpline, and the funny thing is that when I was l in the middle of explaining what’s happened, the light turned red on its own, meaning the bike was now returned.

On another occasion, I took a bike and a metal thingy near the pedal got loose. I couldn’t use the bike and had to change it for another one at the nearest bike station. You have to wait two to five minutes to take another one…


Overall, I like the Ecobici program; it helps you get between tube stations, or even get to work, like I do, if your office is not too far away (you have 45 minutes, otherwise you will have to pay 11 MXN for the hour, or an hourly fee of 37 MXN.)

But the bikes need constant service. I have seen units without the rubber handle, or a loose seat.
Mexico City is a dangerous place to bike, let alone if your bike kinda sucks. The local government needs to invest more to keep the bikes in good shape ­– we pay, I admit little, for the service.

And don´t forget to educate car drivers and pedestrians to respect bike lanes. Nevertheless, is good to see CDMX people get off its but and cycling to places. Here´s to a better service.

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