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How good is Samsung Game Live?

Samsung released a few weeks ago a new tool designed for making game streaming much easier. Apparently, it is only available on Galaxy devices, so I decided to try it on the Galaxy S8.

After giving loads of permissions (camera, audio, SMS…) and of course downloading a game, in case you don´t have any installed on your device – like me, Samsung´s streaming app asks you to choose from Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube. Just tap the pink button on the top left.

I couldn´t use YouTube, and I don´t have a Twitch account, so I decided to give Facebook Live a go. After entering my not-so-easy-to-remember password, which I created using 1Password, Samsung Game Live started recording my Crossy Road gameplay. It took me a few times to start streaming, as the app suddenly stopped recording.

Samsung Game Live

I opened Facebook on my computer to see the game live on my feed. Samsung Game Live had a brief delay – I would say, a few seconds – and, as I was streaming using my 4G networks, gameplay quality was quite low.

I´m not a hardcore gamer, so I would say Samsung Game Live does the trick. Although, I can imagine people who´d like to start streaming games for the world to see could find it annoying the app doesn´t work properly.

It would be a great option if it worked properly, as YouTube is the go-to platform for many gamers. Samsung Game Live is available for free on the Play Store and weighs less than 50 MB.

Did you try Samsung Game Live? Did it work on your device? Please leave your comments below, and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com.

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