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Google nailed the handling of files on Android with Files Go

I like Google’s mobile apps: they are quite simple but offer different features in one place. I use Maps almost every day to find the best bike routes to get to work; Keep lets me share shopping lists with my girlfriend and edit them collaboratively to know what to get from the supermarket; and Trips makes planning a holiday a whole lot easier, with sightseeing recommendations, flight and hotel reservations, and offline access a tap away.

Add Files Go to the list. While Samsung’s Galaxy S8 device management system is good, as it helps you improve the overall performance of the phone with just one button, Google´s alternative is simply more visual and attractive.

Funny characters aside, Files Go puts your internal storage and SD card memory – in case your phone comes with that option – right at the top of the screen, with a white bar and the actual amount to visually represent how much space you have left.

File Manager

Files Go then gives you recommendations on the apps you rarely use and should delete to save precious space, as well as cards to delete downloaded files and cache with one action. You can also see a list of all your files, like audio, videos and photos, and select one or all to permanently erase them.

And as a side but a quite important feature, Files Go lets you share files over Bluetooth with fellow app users. I´ve read somewhere it´s been dubbed “the AirDrop of Android”, as you simply drop files into a window and people nearby receive them, all hassle-free.

Files Go displays two sections: Storage and Files. That´s it. It seems as it is an app that was not made to impress, but to help users manage their files in a visual and simple way. What I love about it is that it marks the files that are on my phone and the ones that are stored on my SD card to avoid the confusion. The “Airdrop” is a nice bonus but in my opinion, not the main feature.

The app is still in beta, but you can download here. Let us know if you found it useful down in the comment section.

This article is in no way sponsored by Google. It reflects a personal opinion and I didn´t receive any kind of compensation for writing it. Thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com, hope you like our content.

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