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Album review: Blue Lips, by Tove Lo

I loved the three stages of Tove Lo’s first record, Queen of the Clouds: The Sex, or the phase of desire and liking someone; The Love, or falling in love; and The Pain, when you break up.

The conceptual album felt lyrically meaningful and strong, and the Blueprint edition gives the listener a 23-track ride full of emotions.

Tove’s new album Blue Lips, a title with underlying reference to women’s equivalent of men’s “blue balls” lacks the sequence portrayed in Queen of the Clouds, which has been lost over the Swedish singer’s discography.

Blue Lips

Sure, Blue Lips marks the second installment of Lady Wood, and you could say there is indeed a structure in the album, with prelude Light Beam and interlude PITCH BLACK but I don´t quite get the story Tove is trying to tell.  Not as the straightforward as in her debut record, though.

Nevertheless, highlights include Bitches, a raunchy and powerful track full of sexual references; Disco Tits, catchy and one that makes you want to dance; and shedonknowsbutsheknows, fresh and chilled as Tove “sings from the face of the mistress; she finds out that her lover is still in a relationship with a girl but this fact doesn’t bother her,” according to Genius.

A not-totally-unrelated quote, Mike Shinoda rightfully says:

Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first

I know Tove Lo can’t stick to the concept of her debut album, and I don´t expect her to. But I can´t help feeling nostalgic.

Blue Lips feels like an album that requires several plays to decide which songs you like and don´t. However, I look forward to hitting replay.

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