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Is Cake Web Browser for Android and iPhone worth the download?

I’ve been using Firefox for a while, and what I like about it is the level of privacy it offers. Browse as you normally would and when you finish, tap the dedicated notification to erase your internet history.

I also run Opera from time to time, as it saves you a few megabytes when you’re out and about. Cool for when you want to watch videos on the go.

Now, I decided to give Cake Web Browser a try. It comes with an in-app ad blocker and lets you set your preferred search engine right at the start. You can also browse in private by tapping a zipper mouth emoji.


Cake Web Browser

But what impressed me is that if you type “Elias Pelcastre” on the search bar, Cake takes you directly to my website, eliaspelcastre.com. Not to a Google search.

Swipe to the right to access my Twitter account, and again to see my LinkedIn profile. Same works with other searches, like “The Verge” or “The Guardian.”

If you want to perform a “regular” search on Google, type the name on the search bar; Cake will take you to google.com, and you can look for whatever you want as you would do on a standard browser.

And if you like a web page, save it for later and get to it in the bookmark section on the bottom menu. You can also perform video, news, and image searches with a floating bar that appears every time you type on the search bar.

Cake picks fast websites to display them first, thanks to the feature “Page Compete”, so your browsing experience should feel uninterrupted.

As actress Esther Povitsky explains, search results preload, so you can swipe and see them right away. You can download it for free here on your Android and iPhone to try it for yourself; please make sure you leave your thoughts below.

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