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Thirty Seconds to Mars America album review

I’ve said this before; longstanding rock bands seem to be adapting to new music trends and forgetting their roots.

It happened with Linkin Park’s One More Light and Paramore’s After Laughter.

Thirty Seconds to Mars’ America is no exception. The participation of Halsey and A$AP Rocky alone give away a popification of a once rock band behind conceptual – and alternative – albums like namesake debut or platinum A Beautiful Lie.

Through America, 30STM use repetitive sounds and bridges. Nevertheless, instrumental interlude Monolith somehow reminds me of This is War and Birth combined.

Thirty Seconds to Mars America album review

If had been put after Love is Madness, Monolith could have divided the pop and rock sides of the record, although acoustic Remedy breaks that completely.

Nevertheless, Live Like a Dream is uplifting, with that “oh-oh-oh” probably recorded with fans as it happened throughout This Is War. And Rider ends on a very theatrical way.

As someone who went to 30STM’s gig in Cardiff back in 2010 and has followed their career from the beginning, I don’t know what to make of America right after the first listen.

I think I have to play it several times to form an opinion, something that doesn’t happen with other albums that have me instantly hooked.

What do you think of America? Please leave your comments below.

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