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#TGIF: Albums, series and movies under $6 on the US iTunes store

I like sharing iTunes with y’all, as I used to redeem my American-iTunes-only Free My Apps vouchers and now buy content from that store, even though I don’t have a US credit card.

I now buy gift cards from Apple.com without having to use services like My Gift Card Supply, that charge extra to send codes to an email address.

Having a look at CheapCharts, I found the following music albums at a special price:

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tove Lo

The Killers

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Limp Bizkit

Florence + the Machine



Lana del Rey

Movie-wise, here are some cool options available:

And finally, a TV show that I enjoyed when I was a kid:

I would like to remind you links on this article are in no way affiliated to Apple. We don’t get a cut for sharing this discounts with you 🙂 Oh, and if you would like to help eliaspelcastre.com, you can do it by making a donation here. Cheers!

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