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Eco Birds, an addictive game to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday

Does anyone remember Flappy Bird? The 2014 sensation that took the world by a storm by being super addictive and hard to play, and a game that sprung a lot of copycats.

It made Dong Nguyen thousands of dollars a day, but he decided to remove it because it was “too addictive.” Nah, Nintendo probably served him with a copyright infringement notice, as the pipes the flappy bird had to navigate through looked a little bit too Mario-like.

It’s four years, and I just ran into a game that reminds me a lot of Flappy Bird. Eco Birds comes in time for Sunday’s Earth Day, but you may be even too focused on the game to celebrate it.

Eco Birds

“WARNING: This game is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. You’ve been warned! :-)” reads the game’s description, the saying “you play a bird trying to stop evil villains from cutting down trees, polluting the oceans, and destroying the environment by dropping eggs on their heads and replanting trees.”

As I said, Eco Birds has a familiar game mode, a bird flying up and down avoiding obstacles, in this case, wood hooks and houses, collecting coins and food. Throw an egg on a cut tree base, and a tree grows, and why not,  hit the men that are responsible for destroying the Earth with poop.

I haven’t managed to pass the 20 point mark, but want to keep playing to beat it. I guess it’s true what the developers say in the description. So keep that in mind if you download the app today, Wednesday, as it may wreck your productivity for the rest of the week.

Eco Birds has the occasional ad, but it comes free of in-app purchases. So no option to get rid of them. This game, which is available for iPhone and Android, is fun to play and a neat reminder that we need to do more to protect our planet. What do you think of Eco Birds?

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