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Should you install iPadOS on your iPad?

I am writing this article on my iPad. I installed iPadOS beta a few days ago and wanted to share my experience. So far, I haven’t had any major issues. Although, I have noticed a few hiccups here and there.

For starters, the widget that you now get to use on the home screen with a slight swipe from left to right is a bit unresponsive.

I edited the preset to add The Guardian, Accuweather, LinkedIn and Chrome and the widget took ages to display them, so I had to restart my iPad.

Landscape orientation is a tad wonky. I have boot a few times because the iPad gets stuck in landscape after watching a video. The new dark mode fails to work at times, showing apps like Safari in bright light.

Safari has crashed on several occasions, and I feel like the battery is draining faster than normal. Although I can’t state for a fact that this is indeed happening. But I will keep an eye on it.

But overall, I would say it is pretty safe to install the first beta of iPadOS. The advantages outweigh the small kinks that Apple needs to iron out.

I like that you can now run the same app on two separate screens, and keep this configuration on the background to open it later. This works with several “exposés”, or how Apple calls multiple two app windows.

Apple Look Around, or Street View if you will

Safari now runs desktop websites, although I don’t know if this is a good thing per se. I kind of miss the preset mobile versions. (You can still toggle it on the left of the search bar, under the “Aa” icon.)

Photos has a new design that looks much more organised, and more like Google Photos. I love Google’s alternative, but I must say Apple is getting better at displaying photos.

Apple Maps is getting an inch closer to offering Street View, with “Look Around”. On this, I have to say it is so much easier to use than Google’s counterpart; you can tap anywhere in the view to move, instead of having to follow a line to get to where you want.

Just as I was writing that sentence, Notes crashed. So this is a good place to end this article. I hope you have a good experience with the first beta of the brand new iPadOS!

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