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Watch BBC iPlayer on the background on an Android smartphone

So, this will be my last article of the year. I’ve been thinking how to close, and offer you something useful to say bye to 2020.

I consider this tip to be handy for people with an Android smartphone, who want to watch BBC iPlayer on the go, but who hate to leave the screen on all the time to enjoy their favourite shows and news channels.

So, picture this: you want to watch BBC News, but you decide to clean your house. You want to keep listening to it while vacuuming, and don’t want to be distracted with images.

Well, there’s a great app for that: Window Tube, available for free on the Play Store. The set up process is very simple: once you download the app, open it and search for BBC iPlayer’s website on the in-app broswer – here’s the iPlayer link in case you need it.

Log in with your BBC credentials and look for the channel you want to watch. Hit the play button, and once the video is playing, tap the minus icon on the top right corner of Window Tube. This will minimise the window, but your video won’t pause.

You can also put your screen to sleep, and the video will keep playing on the background. Magic, isn’t it? Now nothing will stop you enjoying BBC Breakfast while hovering your flat.

So, that’s it, I hope you enjoy your time off, and here’s to a great 2021!


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