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I spent a month using Paramount+ in the UK

Paramount+ is only available in the US and a few countries, but thanks to a little “magic” called VPN and an American iTunes account, I got to try the new streaming service in the UK.

First, I only used it on an iPad. And the app’s biggest flaw was the lack of picture-in-picture support. I mean, that is just basic; Netflix, HBO Max and even Hulu have this. (You start watching SpongeBob and want to do something else in the meantime, but oh no, you can’t…)

And the catalogue is a bit baffling. You have Mom, but just the last season. And although it has comedy specials and cartoons from Comedy Central, South Park is a big miss – on this point, Mom’s season 1 to 7 is on Hulu, and South Park’s 24 seasons are part of HBO Max’s catalogue.

I find it very cool Disney+ uploads movies and series with dubbing from all over the world. I grew up listening to shows in Mexican Spanish, and it just transports me to my childhood to watch Winnie the Pooh from the 80’s in my language.

But at least the US version of Paramount+ does not have content in other languages. Weird, as the country has over 40 million Spanish speakers…

During the month I subscribed for $9.99, I watched MTV’s Diary of the Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne, the Roast of Trump, and the Benson Interruption. A few episodes of Mom’s 8th season, and the original SpongeBob series, but not the new Kamp Koral spin off, though, as it was not appealing at all.

To be fair, I didn’t spend a lot of time on the platform, even though I grew up watching MTV and Nickelodeon. So I can honestly say Paramount+ is not worth the money, at least right now.

I have a year of HBO Max and I feel it has a better shot than Paramount’s’ “vintage” content. Reviewers agree Paramount’s new offer feels a bit too “throwback-y”, and that there is a lack of original and exciting new content.

Streaming services have to come together under one service – yes, this is what cable did back in the old days – and let users decide what to watch. But no way you can subscribe to multiple streaming platforms to watch just one show here and there. Or will you? Let me know in the comment section below.





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