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Is the AirTag a good tracker for a pet?

Apple just launched the new AirTags. These little “pucks” can be used to track things like a wallet or your keys. But what about a pet?

First of all, I have to say I love the simplicity of the AirTag. Setting it up was as simple as removing the plastic and placing the device close to an iPhone.

Then, you can add a name, an emoji, and your details, in case someone finds your property. This is great for people who often misplace stuff and want an easy way to locate it.

I bought one AirTag to try on Baloo, my sweet small labrador/cocker dog. As I’m still waiting for the “key chain” accessory to put it in, I placed it inside Baloo’s convenient vest pocket.

To locate the AirTag, all you have to do is open the Find My app, and head to the Items section. There you will see the emoji on a map, and the option to make a sound and find it with directions.

AirTag directions

Baloo, my wife and I took a walk, and Baloo’s AirTag displayed the location and the “With You” message, as I was walking beside him all the time.

I played a sound several times and was able to get directions whenever I was very close to him. When I was far away I just saw a white circle animation telling me to keep moving.

At the time of writing this in my “home office”, I can see Baloo is in the house. If I play a sound, I can hear it all the way up to my room, as he is in the kitchen downstairs.

I also tried placing the AirTag near to my Android phone and, after enabling Lost Mode on Find My on my iPhone, an Apple website with my phone and the message that I lost my item was displayed on my Samsung’s Chrome.

AirTags use Bluetooth, so it won’t be able to replace a GPS tracker, but according to Apple, it uses the Bluetooth of iPhones all over the place. So chances are you will locate a thing you loose far away from your home.

I see AirTag as a great option to locate Baloo whenever he goes out to the backyard, as our view is obstructed by the kitchen extension. And, as we know he doesn’t run away, whenever we go to a park. But we won’t use it as a GPS.

I don’t fancy the idea of paying a monthly fee to track a pet, so an AirTag might be the solution you were looking for. What do you think? Please, share your thoughts below!

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